Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Experiencing Pregnancy

I am in my 5 month of pregnancy and I am still amazed everyday by how my body is changing. I wake up at 3:30am every morning starving. I eat something and try and go back to bed, however our little Braydon decides it is now play time and I just feel him squirming around enjoying the meal. Half asleep and cranky it dawns on me that I have to pee. Of course I do, because if I am not eating I am peeing. So I get up, careful to avoid our two maltese, cat and husband sleeping on the bed with me. I come back wishing I could fall asleep- my husband is snoring away why can't I?

I snuggle into the fourth sleeping position of the night hoping that this one will be comfortable and I won't wake up with back pain. I settle in and 30 minutes later my alarm goes off. It is time to start my day! How is a girl suppose to function under these conditions? I can't wait to be a mother but all this pre workup is making me nervous. If I am this dysfunctional when he is still in me what is going to happen when he comes out?

Take a deep breath, ready for another day.

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